On November 22, 2016, Kingston’s concerned citizens came together with local doctors, specialists, politicians, community leaders, and other health professionals at a first of its kind health event.

This Spring, on May 15, Ontario's premiere patient advocacy event returns home: Health City 2018!

Our Team:

Executive Members
Community Support
Healthcare Providers:

Theresa Schneider
Carolina Jimenez
Dr. Janet McCullough
Andrew Dawson
Dr. Gavin Wood
Dr. Marianna Silva
Debra Lefebvre

Our Team is expanding every day.

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Eden Hataley
Beverly Miller
Ron Miller
Mark McDonnell
Joel Yearsley
Katherine Gibson
Gord Campbell
Marianne Wood

Health City is a public forum which advocates for Ontario Patients and addresses current issues in Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Education and Healthcare Delivery by sharing information between Healthcare Providers, Ontario Citizens and Healthcare Policy Makers.