Health City 2018

Health City is back! Our first event, in 2016, gave the local community an opportunity to engage with an array of medical specialists and and listen to discussions and debates on critical issues facing our health care today.

It's time to do it again

On May 15, a whole new Health City is happening! The basics still remain: health education booths, medical simulations, hip and knee mock OR and nurses interactive forum.

PLUS there are three presentations on hot button issues of the day:

  • Healthcare update:
    Innovations at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre
    Opioid Crisis
    Death, Dying, and Medical Assistance in Dying
    Indigenous Adolescent Mental Health
  • Political Party Round Table with Audience Q&A
    Local MPP candidates speaking to party healthcare platforms in advance of June 7 election. Round table questions will be selected from those suggested by visitors here. See the link below.
  • Issues of Legalizing Marijuana
    Experts in Policy, Security, Business and Medical Issues discuss merits and risks of cannabis legislation

Come join us at the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, 390 King Street West, Kingston and invest an evening of your time into the future of healthcare.