Health Learning Booths

Rehabilitation Cluster

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Movement Performance Centre
7G-785 Sir John A MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston ON K7L 1H3
Phone: 613-542-3222

Registered Physiotherapist
Allison Schneider

  • Discussing the importance of exercise as prevention
  • Discussion of using rehabilitation professionals when on waitlists
  • How to communicate to your physiotherapist

Allison attended the University of Guelph Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics program. Followed by her Masters in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University. Allison has obtained her certification acupuncture and functional dry needling.  Her special interests are orthopaedic,  concussion based and sports related injuries. Registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

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Taylored Training Physiotherapy
574 Princess Street, Suite 100
Kingston, ON
Tel: 613.507.2673

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
Cassie Dionne, PT MScPT, BAH, BPHE

  •  Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
    Common pelvic floor dysfunctions and how physiotherapy can help

tayloredtrainingCassie is the Lead Physiotherapist at Taylored Training Physiotherapy where she works with women of all ages to learn more about their pelvic health. Something that became very obvious to Cassie in the last few years was that pelvic floor dysfunctions are so incredibly common, but no one likes to discuss this important issue. She realized that most people simply accept their symptoms (urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or pelvic pain) and believe will be their new normal. Cassie wants to help women know that there is SO much that can be done to improve and oftentimes cure their dysfunctions with the right treatment plan.

This is why Cassie’s mission as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist is to educate and work with women to live their best life; to improve their confidence, quality of life, and quite simply to help them do the things they love without the worry of pain, discomfort and/or incontinence.

Let’s open up the dialogue, talk about these important issues that many may be nervous to talk about and most importantly focus on changing lives!

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Quarry Medical Chiropractic
409-797 Princess Street, Kingston, ON
Phone: 613-542-9822Chiropractor
Dr. Samantha Nuttall
  •  Neuropathy

We are an unique Medical Chiropractic Clinic. We offer many modalities that include; Adjusting, Laser Therapy, Graston, Kinesio Taping, Flexion and Distraction, and Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy. We incorporate a traditional Chiropractic approach with cutting edge technologies that are very effective in treating acute or chronic conditions.

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Better Balance Massage Therapy
293 Division Street Unit B
Kingston, Ontario

Registered Massage Therapist
Alana Hamelin

  • Mini massages
  • Benefits of massage therapy
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More to Life Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapist

Jennifer Gargaro RMT
920 Princess St. Suite 204C
Kingston, ON K7M 1H1

  • Posture: Cultural Epidemic and the Tucked Under Pelvis
  • Hero’s Journey for Practitioners/Professionals

moretolifeJennifer has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1998.

Jennifer’s work is her passion! She is a deep tissue massage therapist and believes the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little space to help. She facilitates healing by pointing out the areas that hold tension. As she identifies these areas, she asks her client’s body to move back into good space, working with her client’s breath by bringing awareness back to their body. This will enable the client to let go of the tension and allow the body to heal itself.

Jennifer loves working with pregnant mom’s and babies, athlete’s and people who recognize that there must be a way to get MORE OUT OF LIFE! She offers free infant massage instruction to her clients and does group instruction. She loves it so much she did her training as a Mentor with Birthing From Within in September 2011. She now offers beautiful prenatal classes for the transforming parents.

Other things that Jennifer has accomplished are, developing a model of care and techniques in which she teaches to other massage therapists and she is the coordinator and founder of a successful, yearly Wise Woman Retreat.

Jennifer has additional training as a doula and in myofascial release (a dry massage that works more on the connective tissue instead of the muscles), muscle energy (great for the pelvis), visceral manipulation (freeing up the organs to promote optimal function) and trigger point therapy.

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Kingston Athletic Therapy Centre
1B-1663 Venture Dr. Kingston, K7P 3C6 613-507-5282

Certified Athletic Therapist
Carla Brash CAT(C)

  • Concussion Awareness, Rehabilitation & Management
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy
carlabrash  Carla is a Certified Athletic Therapist with 10 years of experience and takes a whole body approach to rehabilitation and healing. Carla specializes in concussion rehabilitation, treatment of newborns, infants and adolescents, as well as active individuals of all ages. katc-logo
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Align Orthotics

920 Princess Street
Phone: 613-547-2222

Canadian Certified Pedorthist
Maclean Graydon MSc,B Kin,CPed C

  • Custom Made Orthotics
  • Compression Socks
  • Plantar Fasciitis -how the right exercises and orthotics can help

Mac has a Master of Science in Rehabilitation from Queen’s University, along with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University. He has been practicing as a pedorthist in the Kingston area since 1999. Mac specializes in gait analysis, orthotic fabrication and biomechanics research.


Medical Cluster

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Portsmouth Medical Clinic
902 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, Ontario K7M 1W9
Phone: 613-546-2321

Dr. Gregory Baran, B.Sc., M.D., C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P.

  • greg-baranWhy Preventive Foot Health is Important for everyone
    Most people take their feet for granted, until pain or problems such as blisters or calluses develop. But it’s important to be kind to your feet and take care of them—before problems arise and to treat existing problems before they limit your ability to function.
  • Importance of foot care for the Diabetic
    Diabetes can cause nerve damage (also known as diabetes peripheral neuropathy – DPN) and poor blood flow or circulation to the legs and feet (also known as peripheral arterial disease – PAD). As a result, people with diabetes are less likely to feel a foot injury, such as a blister or cut. Diabetes can make these injuries more difficult to heal. Unnoticed and untreated, even small foot injuries can quickly become infected, potentially leading to serious complications
  • INLOW’S 60 Second Diabetic Foot Screening Tool
    This tool is designed to assist in screening persons with diabetes to prevent or treat diabetes-related foot and/or limb threatening complications. The screen should be completed on every person with diabetes and then repeated as directed by risk and clinical judgment.
  • Referral process to our clinic
    Process required to be seen in our clinic, what services we can provide.
Dr. Greg Baran, B.Sc., M.D., C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P.

Please bring a valid Ontario Health Card to receive your free flu shot.

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Kingston Institute of Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

916 Princess st, Kingston, ON
Phone: 613-531-6127

Dr. Janet McCulloch

  •  EEG neurofeedback system
  • Demonstration sessions of this system
  • Q&A about how Neurofeedback works and the types of problems that we treat at the clinic

Building Better Brains
The Kingston Institute for Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback was founded in 2010 by Dr. Janet McCulloch and Dr. Linda Beckett who believed that traditional psychotherapy could be augmented with leading-edge neurofeedback services helping patients recover from and cope with a variety of psychological and psychiatric disorders.

We believe that using neurofeedback can benefit everyone by training the brain’s resiliency and flexibility. Our goal is to make EEG-Neurofeedback an accessible, affordable first–line option for the maintenance of mental health. We hope to increase awareness and understanding of this technology and to allow this community to experience the benefits of Neurofeedback.

Simulation Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Operating Room

  • Sponsors: Zimmer Biomet, Manufacturer of Orthopaedic Products and Instruments
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons Dr . Wood, Dr. Mann and Dr. Harrison
  • FP Anesthetist Dr. Hataley, Dr. Alam and more
  • OR Nurses: Local Celebrities Greg Truesdale, Kim Hicks, Diane Armstrong and Danielle DeMille

In the centre of the bowl we are offering a once in a life time opportunity for attendees to visit a virtual OR. Come and explore the set up. Speak with the Orthopaedic Surgeon, ask the Anesthetist how they do it, check out how the circulating and scrub nurses run the OR! Attendees will have the opportunity to see how the operation is actually done…with saws and bones and all….

Warning: This booth is quite graphic and demonstrations may be disturbing for some. Please use your discretion in deciding to attend the “mock operations”.

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Nutrition Assessment Clinic
120 Clarence St. Kingston ON K7L1X4 Phone: 613-546-0003

Registered Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist
Theresa Schneider BASc, RD, MPH

  •  The difference between a dietitian and nutritionist
  • Carbs in the diet
  • Why is fibre important?
  • Fad diets to manage your weight if on a waiting list.

Theresa received a Bachelors of Applied Science Degree in Human Nutrition, from the University of Guelph. She completed her internship at the Toronto General Hospital. She received her Masters of Public Health from the University of Minnesota. She is a member the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

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Kingston Orthopaedic Pain Institute
797 Princess Street, Suite 500
KingstonDr. Greg Murphy
  • Joint Pain
  • Surgical Management

kopi_logoDr. Murphy graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Life Science in 1988 and from the Queen’s School of Medicine in 1990. From 1990-1995, he completed his Anaesthesia training at Kingston General Hospital and Queen’s University.

Dr. Murphy completed a Fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesiology at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital from 1996-1997.

He was an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University from 1997 until 2002, when he left to practice anaesthesiology at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, New York.

In 2003, Dr. Murphy became the Chair of Samaritan’s Anesthesiology Department and was instrumental in establishing the hospital’s first Pain Clinic.

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 Galen Eye Centre
27 Place d’Armes
Kingston, ON
K7K 6Z6
Phone: 613-507-4800 Ext 115

Ophthalmologist; Glaucoma Subspecialist
Dr. Delan Jinapriya BSc, MD, FRCSC

  • Why you need an Eye Exam

Dr. Jinapriya received his BSc (Hons) in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, specializing in Human Physiology in 1999 from York University, followed by his MD from Queen’s University in 2003. He completed his residency training in Ophthalmology from Queen’s University obtaining his FRCSC in 2008. He then spent a year at the University of Toronto, under the mentorship of Dr. G.E. Trope and Dr. Y.M. Buys and completed a fellowship in Adult Comprehensive and Surgical Glaucoma. In 2009 he received a full time academic faculty position in the Department of Ophthalmology at Queen’s University and held his practice in the hospital setting until November 2012. In December 2012 he opened the Galen Eye Centre. He holds hospital privileges at Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital.

In addition to his passion for clinical and surgical practice, he enjoys training future Ophthalmologists and making contributions to the field of Ophthalmology through glaucoma curriculum development and clinical research. He established the Galen Eye Centre to maximize the contributions he can make clinically, surgically and academically.

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Kingston Allergy Research
Kingston General Hospital, 76 Stuart St Kingston
Phone: 613-546-5300Dr. Anne K. Ellis
  • Allergy Research

kar-logo-particlegreen-onlineuseAffiliated with Queens University and Kingston General Hospital, Kingston Allergy Research works with international pharmaceutical companies and allergic and non-allergic people in the Kingston area to promote allergy awareness, test new treatment options, and study the underlying basis of allergy. In our unique Environmental Exposure Unit we can mimic a typical day in allergy season, improving the integrity and efficacy of clinical trials. We study a variety of allergies including ragweed, grass, birch, dust, cats, and peanuts. Dr. Ellis will personally be available at our booth 1:30-2:00 to answer questions from the public.

Nurses Know and Nurses Care

This booth is sponsored by your local nurse

Come to one of our 2 booths and have your vital signs checked: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation and Blood Sugar level. Learn about and understand what is normal and when you should talk to your doctor.

Next, visit the Dietitian booth and have your BMI calculated.

Take home a card with your personal information to share with your doctor or nurse practioner

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Cancer Care Ontario
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Screening Program
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston
613-544-3400 x2409Registered Nurse

Debbie Skippon R.N., Coordinator/ Nurse

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
Coordinator of nurse flexible sigmoidoscopy screening since September 2012  cancer-care-ontario
Lovell Drugs
Shoppers Drug Mart
Pharmacists will be available for medication reviews. (Please bring a list of all medications being taken, including over the counter supplements or the original bottles.)

Community Services Cluster

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HCV Outreach Worker/Harm Reduction Counsellor

Justine McIsaac

Street Health Centre
115 Barrack St Kingston 613-549-1440 ext. 6116

  •  Addiction & Mental health
  • Health promotion
  • Naloxone Training
  • Hepatitis C testing
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Heart and Stroke Foundation
5-720 Progress Ave.
Kingston, ON
Phone: 613.384.2871 ext 3362

Jackie St. Pierre, Area Manager

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

  • Talk about outdoor recreation and weekend programs.
Dr. Sarah Arrowsmith