Health City 2016 Archive

Health City 2016 was a first of its kind health care event in Kingston! Health City was a free event open to the public, on November 22nd, 2016.

Health City offered the community with an opportunity to engage with health education booths, attend question and answer sessions with specialists, and listen to discussions and debates on critical issues facing our health care today. The event also highlighted Bill 41, the so called “Patients First Act”, and provided attendees with the means to take action against the controversial legislature.

On November 22nd at the Rogers K-Rock Centre, visitors sampled delicious food, enjoyed all-day entertainment from Kingston’s own Ambush, and got their flu shots!

The full site from the 2016 event is preserved here.

Tuesday, November 22nd, Kingston’s Rogers K-Rock Centre was home to the first event of its kind anywhere: HEALTH CITY 2016


We need to talk about Bill 41

Despite vocal opposition by doctors, the provincial Liberals are barrelling ahead with Bill 41, the Patients First Act, in a misguided attempt to fix Ontario’s healthcare woes.

The healthcare system is broken, leaving doctors craving healthcare reform. Ontario funds an inadequate number of medical services for an inordinate number of patients. This mismatch creates a bottleneck in which care is triaged and/or rationed: the sickest are served while the rest wait.

Despite the Health Minister’s claims, no matter how fast frontline doctors and nurses work, waitlists exist because finite resources cannot serve infinite patient need.

The Patients First Act, Bill 41, received approval and was passed into law on December 7, 2016. Now, more than ever, patients and healthcare providers need to be vigilant in keeping the government’s feet-to-the-fire to carry through on their lofty promises of improving the health care system while reducing costs. Continue to let your MPPs know, personally and through the media, that the citizens of Ontario are watching. The Provincial Election is anticipated for June 2018. This will be an important issue. Health City Ontario will continue to promote issues of health and wellness and monitor closely the government’s progress, or not, on patient care.

For a complete record of the Legislature’s proceedings of December 7, 2016 please see

Health City: Where People Concerned About Health Care Came Together.