On November 22, 2016, Kingston’s concerned citizens came together with local doctors, specialists, politicians, community leaders, and other health professionals at a first of its kind health event.

This Spring, on May 15, Ontario's premiere patient advocacy event returns home: Health City 2018!

Our Team:

Executive Members
joyhataleyA Family Practice Anesthetist providing patient care at KGH, HDH, LACGH, and Frontenac Medical Associates. L&A Group Designate Lead Physician and Adjunct at Queen’s University Departments of Family Medicine and Anesthesia and Perioperative Care.


veronicalegniniVeronica Legnini is a local family physician who was born in Kingston and decided to return to start her own family practice on the East End of town. She enjoys remaining involved with Queen’s University as a medical student mentor and tutor. She has become increasingly involved in medical politics due to concerns around wait-times and lack of access to care her patients experience. This led her to become the President of the Kingston Academy of Medicine and take the Ontario Medical Association’s Health Care Advocate Training. She is also participating in the South East LHIN’s Advanced Leadership training program. With these skills she hopes to build on previous media releases and meetings with local political figures to help raise public awareness around local and provincial healthcare issues and advocate for change.
greg-baranI am a Family Physician practicing in Kingston for 24 years, graduate of Queen’s Medical School, Owner and operator of Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic, Secretary/ Treasurer and Past President of Kingston Academy of Medicine, District 7 Executive member for the Section of General and Family Practice, Ontario Medical Association. I am also an avid supporter of Kingston’s History and Museums through living history presentations and donation of artefacts.
saraharrowsmithSarah Arrowsmith is a family physician living and working in Kingston, Ontario.  She completed her medical degree in 2006 and family medicine residency training in 2008, both at Queen’s University.  After graduating, Sarah worked as a locum family physician in a variety of different locations and practices.  A highlight was working and traveling throughout New Zealand in 2009 and 2010.  

In 2011, she opened her own family medicine practice and enjoys providing care for her patients at the Williamsville Medical Clinic.  In her spare time, Sarah can be found taking photographs, playing ultimate Frisbee or planning her next trip.

Community Support
Healthcare Providers:

Theresa Schneider
Allison Schneider
Carolina Jimenez
Dr. Janet McCullough
Andrew Dawson

Our Team is expanding every day.

Join Us!
Stan Yagi
Eden Hataley
Juan Catala
Beverly Miller
Ron Miller
Mark McDonnell
Joel Yearsley
Deb Lefevre

Health City Ontario derives from a belief in the principles of the Canada Health Act and the power and value of grass roots consultation in our universally accessible, publicly funded healthcare system. Our priority is to engage the public and care providers in order to effect change in the interest of acquiring timely, consistent and reliable access to healthcare for Ontario citizens.Dr. Joy Hataley

Raise awareness for patients, providers, politicians and media of the many real challenges faced today in accessing health care in Kingston and the Southeast LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network). Educate, inform and engage our community on Bill 41 and ensure at its enactment it is written and empowered to benefit the health of all Ontarians.The Health City Team

  • Round Table Discussions: Host open and fact based round table discussions by local experts on topics including wait lists, unattached patients, Bill 41 and our single payer system.
  • Educational Booths: Establish educational booths at Health City Ontario-Kingston Event, where patients visit, ask questions and learn about their own health and that of their community.
  • Provide a Way to Act: Create avenues for attendees at HCO-Kingston Event to participate in “call to action documents”, to don T-Shirts which speak to important aspects of the current state of health care in our LHIN, to sign slogan boards and more.
  • Create Understanding Through Q&A’s: Provide patients/attendees access to specialists face to face in the form of moderated question & answer sessions.
  • Learning and Entertainment: Facilitate the participation of attendees in HCO Kingston Event enabling them to enjoy music, healthy nutrition, hands on education and to nd their voice on issues of healthcare which are meaningful to themselves, their children and loved ones.
  • Gather the information that will make a difference: Collect data which informs the status of healthcare in our LHIN to influence future changes in the healthcare we are able to deliver.