This Spring, on May 15, Ontario's premiere patient advocacy event returns home: Health City 2018!

Our Team:

Executive Members
Community Support
Healthcare Providers:

Theresa Schneider
Carolina Jimenez, RN
Dr. Janet McCullough
Andrew Dawson
Dr. Gavin Wood
Dr. Marianna Silva
Karen McNichols, RN
Dr. Regina DuToit

Eden Hataley
Beverly Miller
Ron Miller
Katherine Gibson
Gord Campbell
Marianne Wood
Vi Anderson
Hong Chen

Health City is a public forum which advocates for Ontario Patients and addresses current issues in Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Education and Healthcare Delivery by sharing information between Healthcare Providers, Ontario Citizens and Healthcare Policy Makers.
Health City Ontario is a legal nonprofit association created in 2016 by a group of healthcare professionals and community members in Kingston Ontario in response to increasing wait times for healthcare for Ontario citizens.Its purpose is to advocate for TIMELY, RELIABLE and CONSISTENT healthcare for all Canadians.

Health City Ontario is funded completely by donations from individuals and support from sponsoring groups.